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Matt & Kim & Vocal Tracking

When I last spoke with Matt, we were going over the Matt & Kim live gear needs, and at the end of the conversation he mentioned that they were going to start working on the vocals for the next album. He mentioned that the headphones at the studio were okay, but he really likes to […]

Ana Tijoux :: Martyr’s :: 3/27/10

Saturday night I witnessed something very refreshing. I witnessed the powerful energy of a female MC by the name of Ana Tijoux of Chile. After being touted as one of SXSW’s darlings, her debut U.S. tour brought her to Chicago to play Martyr’s with her second solo album named 1977. The title represents the year she […]

More Studio Hi-Jinks From Matt & Kim

In our last episode, Brooklyn-based Matt & Kim were hunkered down in a studio in Atlanta to begin work on the follow-up to 2009’s Grand. Looking for a change in the weather and chaos of NYC, Matt & Kim figured Atlanta would be the perfect fit for normalcy and a little winter warm-up… So far, it […]

Imelda May & Jamie Cullum Rock Chicago’s Park West

After seeing her perform with Jeff Beck at this year’s GRAMMYs, Irish rockabilly siren Imelda May has certainly got everyone buzzing… especially us! Imelda and her band came to town on Monday, March 15th to play a set at Martyr’s in Chicago, and according to the chosen few there to see her set, she tore […]

Silversun Pickups :: United Center :: 3/12/10

When I was asked if I could cover the Silversun Pickups and Muse show at the United Center in Chicago I jumped at the chance; Not only would I finally get to see Muse Live for the first time, I would get a chance to interview Shure Endorsers, the Silversun Pickups, whose new album, Swoon has […]

Untangling the Facts About Cords and Cables

While understanding the differences between mic, instrument and speaker cables isn’t quite as seductive as checking out the features of a new effects pedal or electronic keyboard, these are essential links in the audio chain. Getting a grip on the basics and learning a couple of tried-and-true techniques from the pros will make sure you’re […]

Robin Thicke Brings His Therapy Session Back To Chicago

I headed out to our beloved All State Arena, home to the Chicago Wolves hockey team and DePaul Blue Demons… and they do mix some concerts in there when the timing is right. On this particular evening, All State played host to R&B superwoman Alicia Keys and Shure endorser Robin Thicke. Down below in the depths […]

Roger Daltrey, Eric Clapton and Vince Gill: One Night In Nashville

On a chilly and windy Saturday afternoon in Nashville, my father and I made our way down the ramp to the Sommet Center to catch a soundcheck with Roger Daltrey who is  out opening for 12 Eric Clapton shows. Fresh off a Superbowl performance with The Who, Roger was ready to rock Nashville… and he did not disappoint. Pulling […]