Monthly Archives: July 2010


Like Candy Red ? Yes !

What?  A good R & B group in Nashville ?? NO!    A GREAT  R & B group – Like Candy Red. Three sisters, drums, bass, and guitar.  That’s it…and they are fantastic! Playing a late show at 12th & Porter last night (7/22), this is one of my new favorite groups.  They lay it down […]

Toby Mac and Camp Electric – 7/21

For the past several years, 13-18 year old Christian Musicians have gathered together at a special camp designed to ignite the creative musical fire inside them.  Shure Endorser TobyMac has been involved for a while and was the headlining artist at this years’ camp. I got to spend some time with Heath Mahon, Toby’s monitor […]

Clean up in Nashville continues

We’re almost out of the woods!  Just a few more days and we’ll be back into our offices at Soundcheck in Nashville. I caught Pam Tillis’ crew cleaning up their gear.  Thanks to Dave Haskell with Sugarland for letting use his pressure washer to clean up a few of my items as well. More pics soon of […]