Monthly Archives: March 2012

Finalists with Darren Ashford (in yellow T-shirt)

Shure Europe’s Drum Mastery 2012 Competition

What do you get when you add five gifted drummers, 35 Shure drum mics, and one stage? A whole lotta rock, that’s what. Shure Europe set out to find the best amateur drummer in Europe and the Middle East. Several rounds of competition produced five finalists, each with his own style. They duked it out […]

College Students + Shure Gear = Fantastic

Hands down, my favorite part of the Shure calendar year is working on the Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition. What’s that, you say? It’s when 10 teams of college students in audio engineering and sound recording programs lay down the best track they can using only Shure microphones. A panel of recording industry icons picks the […]

Mumford & Sons, Dawes, and 3 sold out shows

Twenty Minutes!  That’s how long it took for 3 Ryman shows with Mumford & Sons to sell out. I decided to wait and catch the last night, March 8.   Also on the bill was new Shure Endorsers’ Dawes.  This would be my first time seeing either band perform on tour. I arrived just in time […]

Vince Gill – Bluegrass Underground

I’ve been very fortunate to have attended some wonderful concert events over the years.   There have been memorable moments at cool venues and so many great artists.  When I heard about Bluegrass Underground here in Tennessee, I was certainly intrigued.  It was time to go see this for myself. I set out from my house […]