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Beep Beep!

That’s what I heard while stuck in traffic on the way to the Nashville Artist Relations office. This was not normal traffic but the car-on-the-side-of -the-road-5-miles-down kinda traffic. As I was “inching forward”, I had noticed a middle aged lady in a silver Toyota Camry who had a purple phone earpiece attached to her ear. […]

Share Your Shure Story Winners Announced!

HUGE props and thanks to everyone who participated in the Share Your Shure Story celebration of our 87th birthday! Folks at Shure HQ read your stories in amazement and said stuff like, “Wow, is that for real?” We were all inspired by your creativity and dedication. (DRUMROLL…) Alex Davenport and Sandy Aphid were the lucky […]

Ben Sollee plays Music City Roots…

.. and you can see his and many other performances on their website:  (look for the shows tab and navigate to the May 2 show – Ben’s slot is about 2 hrs 10 minutes in which you can access quickly or just watch the whole show, your choice)  Please visit and look for your […]
FSRC Grand Prize Winners

Fantastic Scholastic Winners Announced!

Listening to the prize-winning tracks makes me irrationally proud. I mean, I didn’t raise the students who made these amazing recordings, and I didn’t teach them to record music. Still, in announcing the winners, I feel like a mama duck showing off her brood. Imagine how their families and professors must feel! Without further ado, […]