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Ben Folds Five ROCK The Ryman!

So what’s my Ben Folds experience?   My first time hearing anything Ben Folds has composed was while watching the movie “Over The Hedge.”  Ben is all over the animated adventure and adds the right elements for the strange characters, one of them voiced by William Shatner. Speaking of William Shatner, Ben produced one of William’s […]

Orchestrating the Perfect Sound Check: John Mills

John Mills has worked with many of the luminaries in the world of contemporary Christian music – Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche, Shane & Shane and many others. He’s also delivered pitch perfect sound as Audio Systems Chief for Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw in their record-breaking 23-city “Brothers of the Sun” tour. Always […]

Americana Awards 2012 / Delta Rae at The Rutledge

I haven’t been to this show in many years.  I heard about the lineup of performers, presenters and guests and was excited to be able to attend. We just started working with Alabama Shakes this year but I had yet to see them live.  We have been working with Justin Townes Earl and The Civil […]

Upcoming Webinar: Effective Antenna Setup for Wireless Systems

One of the key factors in successful wireless microphone operation is proper setup of the antenna system. Selecting the right antennas and placing them properly helps ensure good reception of the radio signal from the desired transmitters, as well as minimize the effects of outside interference. In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn radio wave […]

Tour Bus Life: A lot can happen on the road

Every day, working in Nashville, I see tour buses come in and out of the parking lot out side the building. Some buses are loading up, some unloading, and some parking for the day for rehearsals.  I’ve hung out on several tour buses and been invited to come out on the road for a weekend […]
House of Worship

The Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing

Contributors: Jim Brown and Gino Sigismondi You’ve done everything you can think of to keep the levels constant.  You’ve added amps.  You‘ve moved speakers.  Still, the amount of reverberation in your worship space makes intelligibility a real challenge. Then, of course, there’s background noise and feedback.  Believe it or not, there may be a simple […]

The best SWAG/merch item from an artist was…

…the Diabolical Biz Markie doll sent by Biz Markie himself! It resides in my office to this day, and it is the one thing EVERYONE asks me about when they visit; I can see their eyes focusing on it during our conversation. Of course there’s a story behind it, so here goes… The day started […]

Live Music Fans: Win Shure Gear

The air is getting cooler around Shure HQ. Daylight’s fading faster. Kids have that serious back-to-school look in their eyes. Is this bumming you out? Me too. So let’s have one last hurrah for summer 2012. Tell us what live show you enjoyed most this past summer. Post a comment below: don’t be shy. We’ll […]