Daily Archives: October 29, 2012

House of Worship

Keeping It Simple for the Volunteer Audio Team

Contributor: Allen Sargent, Discipleship Coordinator at Christ the King Lutheran Church Fallbrook, California Anyone leading a praise or worship team in a small or mid-size church has faced the challenges of an all-volunteer tech team.  Many are called but few can face the fearsomeness of an intimidating soundboard or the possibility of the vocalist’s mic […]

KSM9HS First Look from AES

At AES in San Francisco, we unveiled the KSM9’s younger sibling, the KSM9HS, which features switchable hypercardioid and subcardioid polar patterns. There’s a wired version, plus wireless versions available with the UR2 and ULXD2 transmitters. What’s so great about hypercardioid and subcardioid polar patterns, you ask? The hypercardioid works well on loud stages, isolating the […]