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Sexy Songs For You This Valentines

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, my dear friends. I know: some people LOVE this day, and some people despise it. Some go all out to show their significant other how much they make their heart pitter-patter while others say it’s just a manufactured holiday. There’s no right or wrong here, but I say […]

4 Commonly Asked Questions about Shure GLXD16

Last month, Shure highlighted new products at NAMM in California, including: GLXD16, SE846 earphones, and the SRH1540 headphones. All were well received, with particular praise to the GLXD16 and SE846, both of which picked up awards! Visit the Shure Inc blog for more on how NAMM progressed. The great thing about a show like NAMM is […]
Brad Paisley's Cabs

"Make it a Combo" – Guitar Cabinet Mics

What kind of sound are you going for on stage? Clean, dirty, wet, muddy, or dry?  (No, I’m not talking about doing laundry.) You name it, we’ve heard so many different descriptions of the sounds we want to capture out of guitar cabinet speakers. Take Shure Artist Jonny Lang for instance. Killer guitar tone?  ABSOLUTELY! […]