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2014 Juno Awards

Juno Award Nominees Highlight – Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Breaking into anything is not easy. As it should be. It keeps bad guys out of places they shouldn’t be, and it keeps us safe. It’s not as convenient when we lock ourselves out of our own homes, but the benefits of security outweigh any inconvenience. It takes special talent and a very persistent person […]
Versatility: The BETA®181

Versatility: The BETA®181

How much do I (and many others) love the BETA 181? Let me count the ways: 1. Toms & Overhead My first experience with the BETA 181 came at a Percussive Arts Society Convention (PASIC) in 2011 when Shure Artist Simon Phillips was invited to give a clinic.  Simon had been using the KSM137 and […]