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The Wild Feathers rock Music City and beyond!

The Wild Feathers Rock Music City and Beyond!

Think about how many great bands there are and have been with four-part harmonies and multiple lead singers. The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, Little Big Town, Night Ranger, and so many more. It just works so well. You know exactly who it is because of their music, but certain songs just need a different voice […]
2014 Juno Awards

Juno Award Nominees Highlight – Artist of the Year

Hello, friends. The time has come. The Juno Awards will be celebrated this Sunday, and we are down to our last featured category: Artist of the Year. This prestigious prize is awarded to best individual musician in Canada for the year. Recent winners include: Leonard Cohen, Feist, Neil Young, K’naan, Sam Roberts, Michael Bublé and […]