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Josh Turner - Win a Autographed Copy of Man Stuff!

Josh Turner – Win An Autographed Copy of Man Stuff!

We are always very excited to help promote our artists when they have a new release out. It’s extra-special when that new release is a book that lets fans inside the artist’s life and beliefs. Such is the case with Josh Turner’s wonderful new book Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family, and Fatherhood. This book […]

TIME Ranks Shure Listening Products On Top

Recently, the editorial staff at TIME evaluated nearly 3,000 listening products. Partnering with a third-party research service, TIME combed through archives of expert reviews, product specs and media coverage to determine which brand offered the “true audio experience.” The results? After surveying everything from budget earbuds to feature-rich DJ headphones, TIME rated Shure products at […]
Build Your Own Unidyne!

Build Your Own Unidyne!

It was 75 years ago today when Shure released a rugged, high-performance public address microphone called the Unidyne® 55. No ordinary microphone, the 55 gave the world the first professional tool to reproduce sound in vibrant tones and textures, without the complex setup requirements of other mics of the time. Beyond the microphone’s amazing sonic […]
Little Big Town - 4 Big Voices!

Little Big Town – 4 Big Voices!

You can have a group of 16 musicians onstage jamming out, and it can sound amazing.  To me though, nothing compares to when you hear a group with multiple harmonies that work so well together, singing with big voices.  Think Take 6, Fleetwood Mac, Pentatonix, Queen, The Eagles, Electric Light Orchestra, and Little Big Town. […]

Making the Right Earphone Choice: What You Need to Know

When Apple began packaging earbuds with their iPods in 2001, music lovers abandoned their Walkman® and Discman® portable music players along with whatever headphones they were using at the time, and a new consumer market was born. Soon people wanted better sound from their portable players, and that meant something other than ubiquitous white earbuds. […]

SM58 – A Haiku

The news of Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s death yesterday saddened me. We lost one of the most creative human beings of our time. He enchanted us with his magical realism that combined everyday fiction with the most incredible and improbable characters and narrative which hypnotized you with every word. He also had […]
Dave Mustaine rocks out in GLXD Webinar

Dave Mustaine rocks out in GLX-D Webinar

About a mile off the 101 in Oxnard, California sits an industrial park surrounded by mountains off in the distance. Inside one of these buildings sits the Drum Channel video facility where the walls were about to be shaken by shredding guitar riffs. For on Tuesday April 15, legendary Megadeth founder and frontman Dave Mustaine came […]
Michael Jackson at press conference at the opening of the Victory Tour

Backstage With Paul: The Jacksons & Kansas City BBQ

In early July, Rolling Stone called and asked me to go to the Jacksons’ Victory Tour opening in Kansas City. Turns out, they liked the Springsteen and Prince photos, too. I flew down the night before the first show and went to the press conference at the Hyatt in downtown Kansas City. What a circus! […]

Nelson’s Do’s and Dont’s at Concerts

Because of my job doing Artist Relations for Shure I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing some pretty amazing shows. I’ve also had the opportunity to catch some pretty bad ones. Not that I’m complaining… It might be that the band has an off night for whatever reason and they don’t sound as good as you […]
Shure domination at the Academy of Country Music Awards

Shure domination at the Academy of Country Music Awards

Once again, Shure products were in high demand at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. Similar to last year’s show, the PSM®1000 was the sole in-ear monitor systems used for all performances. As far as wireless microphones, the UR2/SM58 was again the clear winner among artists and engineers for the show. Shure Artists […]
Bruce Springsteen and Courtney Cox at the filming of the video for Dancing in the Dark

Backstage With Paul: Dancing In The Dark

At this point in time, one thing lead to another and another and another for Paul. People began to take notice of his work behind the lens and they wanted a piece of what Paul was capturing for their artists, too… “When I got back from Minneapolis for Prince’s birthday party, I sent some of […]

A Week of Open Mic Nights: Find Venues Near You

Forty-eight venues. Yup. Count ’em. Forty-eight. In this our third year of sponsoring a week-long celebration of community music events that we call National Open Mic Night, our participating venue list is longer than ever. In previous years, when we announced the venues, folks asked us, “Hey, Shure, what about Club ABC in XYZville, huh?” […]

How to Mic a DSLR Video

Shure Contributors: Thomas Banks, Chris Lyons, Gino Sigismondi Consider this: On YouTube alone, over 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute of every day. More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the three major television networks combined have created in the past sixty years.  The 51-second shot-in-a-dorm-room “Harlem Shake” garnered 36 […]

RAC at Lincoln Hall 3/31/14

You’re either a fan of remixes or you’re not. I get it, I’ve heard pretty bad ones myself. But as a former DJ, I do love a good remix when properly executed. Especially when it’s already a great song people love but it’s presented to you in a different way. Some remixes can barely be […]
Sara Evans with Shure – “Crystal clear”

Sara Evans with Shure – "Crystal clear"

From the very first phrase of one of her songs, when you hear her voice, you know it’s Sara. I cannot name another female artist who sounds remotely close to her among our artists or even on the planet!  That’s one of the characteristics I’m looking for: someone with a distinctive voice who sings with […]
Prince performs at his birthday party at First Avenue on June 7, 1984

Backstage With Paul: Prince’s Birthday Party

By now Paul Natkin’s work was speaking for itself. Gone were the days of calling EVERY magazine on the planet to get an assignment. Getting into a local Chicago concert as a photographer for the evening was no longer in doubt. What Paul captured through his lens was in high demand and there were times […]