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The Who: An exciting visit!

On October 20th, 2008, Ryan Smith and Paul Natkin jumped in Ryan’s car and headed to Auburn Hills, Michigan to shoot an ad for the SM58 featuring The Who.
SM58 with wires

What is Shure’s Pneumatic Shockmount?

The pneumatic shockmount featured in Shure microphones, is an essential, but often misunderstood piece of audio engineering. We look at why microphones have shockmounts and what makes the Shure pneumatic design so unique.
Lollapalooza 2014: The Winners & Losers

Lollapalooza 2014: The Winners & Losers

Brooke Winners THE FOOD. OMG. Martin Doherty of CHVRCHES’ dance moves! I mean, that dude went crazy. It was like a mix of moshing and the Charleston. Fireworks at Calvin Harris’ headlining show! Smallpools’ story about Googling themselves when they first started the band, and how it always brought up links about how killer whales should […]