Monthly Archives: September 2014


GLXD16 + Guitar Techs = Happiness!

Give people a system that’s easy to travel with, sounds amazing, is under $ 500.00 and pays itself back over time with rechargeable batteries, and you have a formula for happiness.

The Roots – Mics of the Tonight Show

One of Jimmy Fallon’s biggest loves is the musical portion of the show, which is why he chose to bring along his friends from The Roots to continue as the house band on this new version of The Tonight Show.

Live Sound & Life on the Road with Engineer Liam Halpin

Unlike studio recording – where you can re-do a take or change your mind about microphone selection – live sound gives you just one chance to get things right. The live environment also presents a plethora of other challenges, such as reducing the pickup of unwanted sounds, maximisation of gain before feedback, and the added […]

The Complete Record

The record that you can start on Track 1 and listen all the way through. The album that is flawless from front to back. The complete record is what every artist strives.