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SM58 with wires

Will recording vocals with a dynamic mic sound better in a lively room?

Recording vocals in a room with less than ideal acoustics can be tricky. If any undesirable sounding room reflections make it back into your microphone, the finished result will sound amateur and unpolished. One solution is to hang duvets behind and to the sides of the vocalist, which will help to prevent unwanted reflections from […]

How to choose the right Shure studio headphones for your needs

Cheaper, consumer grade earphones/headphones might work for casual listening applications, but when it’s time to record your music, every detail matters. Any imperfections missed during the tracking/mixing stage will only be accentuated by the mastering process; therefore, it is imperative that you can hear every note and nuance in crystal clear detail. Investing in a […]

Artist Spotlight: Keaton Henson

In a world dominated by celebrity and reality TV culture, it’s sometimes refreshing to discover something completely contrary. Don’t get us wrong; talent shows, big budget music videos, and sold-out stadium performances are all fine, but sometimes you just need something a little more down to earth. So, if it’s the antidote to the X-Factor […]

Earphone & Headphone Specifications Explained

Earphones and headphones often come with some fairly intimidating spec sheets. This can make choosing the right model for you a little daunting. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of the most commonly seen specs to help you make an informed decision. Frequency Range This refers to the overall range that an earphone/headphone will operate in. It measures […]