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Recording & Mixing Bass Guitar

Bass is the backbone of your music, and in many cases the whole metaphorical house would collapse without it. Your bass should work with the rest of the band to provide a punchy and tight solid backbone to your music. In this article, we’ll get you up with bass tips for recording & mixing.
Wireless Systems

Could Your Mobile Be Eating Your Mic?

From live performance to big events, corporate conferences to your local house of worship, wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems are now standard for production values. These production values we now accept as standard throughout the audio industry could be under threat from the phone in your pocket.

How to Record and Mix Vocals

There is no substitute for the human voice. In this post, we’ll cover the fundamental techniques required to get professional sounding vocals from day one.
How to Read a Microphone Frequency Response Chart

How to Read a Microphone Frequency Response Chart

Shopping for a new microphone? Then, you’ll want to understand its frequency response. This article will explain the basics: how it’s measured, how to interpret a frequency response chart, and how to match the frequency response of the mic to the sound source.