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House of Worship

Training Audio Volunteers at Bayside Church

Aaron Padilla, audio director at Bayside Church and tour manager for Lincoln Brewster, explains what it takes to train a small army of volunteers to pull off 11 services a week across multiple portable and fixed congregations for thousands of worshippers without missing a beat.
Drummer using Personal Monitoring System
Personal Monitoring Systems

PSM 101: Why Use Personal Monitors?

In Part 1 of this four-part video series, Shure Product Manager Michael Johns outlines the benefits of personal monitor systems over traditional wedge monitors on stage.
Shot of St. Patrick's Day Crowd in Chicago

St. Patrick’s Day Music in Chicago

Sean Sullivan of the product management team is a native Chicago South Sider and a singer. For him, those things converge on St. Patrick’s Day. Here, he shares what makes the holiday unique in Chicago, plus a playlist.

Backstage With Paul: Dolly Parton

In 1977, a local country music magazine asked me to do a photo shoot with a country star by the name of Dolly Parton. They gave me her hotel information and room number. It was a much calmer time in those days! I showed up at the appointed time and knocked on her door. She […]
Choosing a Phono Cartridge in the Vinyl Revival

Choosing a Phono Cartridge in the Vinyl Revival

If you’re ready to go retro and experience the joy of listening to record albums, you’ll need to know how to shop for a record needle (phono cartridge). This post will help you choose with confidence and get in the analog groove.