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Whole Lotta Love: Artists and the SM58

Few pieces of gear inspire so much passion and loyalty as Shure’s SM58. From Led Zeppelin to Henry Rollins, admiring musicians have helped turn this microphone into an icon over the past 50 years.
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement
Wireless Systems

Shure Whiteboard – Rechargeables for Wireless

Shure UK Senior Applications Engineer, Tom Colman explores rechargeable battery options for wireless microphones - moving from standard disposable batteries to modern integrated rechargeables. Read the article below, or scroll down to watch the Whiteboard Video. Wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems all need power from somewhere. Traditionally, wireless operators use a standard portable cell […]

A Culture of Innovation

Shure strives to be the most trusted audio brand worldwide. How we do that has evolved over the years, yet perhaps also come full circle. Four Shure executives share their perspective on innovation in this post.