Monthly Archives: September 2018


Artist Spotlight: VC Pines (Jack Mercer)

Best known for his work as the frontman of London-based Indie Rock band, The Carnabys, Jack Mercer embarks on his latest new project, VC Pines. We catch up with this talented young musician after a recent show.

Alvik School Equips Students for Lifelong Learning

Alviksskolan, located in the Swedish capital’s Bromma district, is a primary school with a quite impressive concept. Around 1,100 students visit Alviksskolan, among them about 120 who are hard of hearing. These students have their lessons in dedicated, smaller classrooms with a well-thought-out room concept and high-quality. A hearing induction loop system enables better communication between students as well as the teachers.

AV in Focus at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Shure invited leading AV integrators, consultants and decision-makers to this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival to discuss the latest trends and technologies set to impact the audiovisual sector.

Making It: Getting Max Graef Jazzed Up

Max Graef is a musician, producer and DJ in Berlin known for infusing electronic music with hip-hop and jazz. Hear how he melds his eclectic influences in the final episode of MAKING IT, a four-part multimedia series from Shure and Mixcloud.

Making It: Telling Stories with Maekan

Alex Maeland and Eugene Kan aim to tell the creative community’s stories. Learn how their online platform Maekan explores the connections between fashion, tech, music and more in the third episode of MAKING IT, a four-part multimedia series from Shure and Mixcloud.