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Improving boardroom acoustics for better AV conferencing sound

Shure UK Sr. Applications Engineer Tom Colman highlights how improving boardroom acoustics can enhance communication and collaboration during A/V conferences. He talks through the basic physics of room acoustics and how to treat boardrooms to improve speech intelligibility in this new video. Click here to join our mailing list and receive notifications about future Shure educational events. You will […]

Is There Really Anything You Can Do About Acoustics?

By Shure Notes Editors Contributors: Frank Gilbert, FOH Engineer at Chicago’s Mayne Stage, The Vic and Park West; Kent Morris, Peavey Electronics, Cornerstone Media; Stuart Rosenberg, Partner – SPACE and League of Creative Musicians Live performance venues deal with it all the time. In this post, we’ll break down the subject of acoustics for you […]

Tips for Avoiding Feedback in Meeting Room Audio Systems

Feedback is an annoying and potentially damaging squealing or humming sound that can be extremely distracting during a meeting. Every audio system has a maximum amount of gain or volume that can be applied before feedback is introduced. Stuart Stephens explains why feedback occurs and how it can be eliminated.
Microphone on Stage

Engineer Spotlight: Olga Fitzroy

As an audio engineer, frequently turning your head to a wide variety of musical genres and productions comes with the territory. In the following Engineer Spotlight feature, we speak to recent MPG Engineer of the Year winner, Olga Fitzroy who we learn is no stranger to applying her skills across a broad spectrum. From assisting […]
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Life on The Road with Bastille’s FOH Engineer, Paul Cooper

If you’re one of those people who talk about ‘chance’ or ‘co-incidence’ then this is one for you. Fifteen years ago Paul Cooper went into a Music Studio to fix a printer…these days he can be found working FOH with one of the UK’s hottest new bands. In this interview Paul talks technology, travel, venues, […]

The state of Scottish AV

Shure UK’s Craig Collin explains how the Scottish education market is leading AV investment and how Canary Wharf is not the only place in the UK seeing huge advances in conferencing technology… I asked or Northern Regional Sales Manager Craig Collin if we could have a chat about the state of Scottish AV. His reply: […]
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Engineer Spotlight: Bryony October

Well known for her earlier work with the Noisettes, Bryony October’s story is one of classic hard work and determination to make it in an industry where it’s notoriously difficult to get your first break. As a FOH Sound Engineer working with many critically acclaimed acts, her schedule is pretty packed. Fortunately, we were able […]