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Josh Williams, The Civil Wars, Right Place, Right Time…

Bluegrass Artist and Shure Endorser Josh Williams stopped in at the Nashville AR office to pick up a microphone from me.  During his visit, he had me look up a video that has gone viral on YouTube.  Before we watched the video, he explained to me that the guy who filmed it only captured this […]

Shure’s Week At The GRAMMYs

There are so many elements that contribute to putting on an awards show like the GRAMMYs.  To list every aspect would take too long so we’re going to focus on our side of this trip.   As everything usually comes together at the last minute for this show, we sent out a nice compliment of […]
The Civil Wars - Sold Out - January 12th

The Civil Wars sold out Ryman show!!

January 12, 2012 Nashville, TN – The Ryman Auditorium There is such a wonderful feeling when you know you are watching something special.  Whether it’s a great movie,  football games when everyone player giving 150 % (I’m talking Walter Payton 150 %), or a music group that draws you in. Part of my role in Artist Relations […]

Shure co-sponsors events at Soundland Nashville

September 21-24 Nashville, TN Soundland Nashville has taken over the town with great new upcoming bands.  I hope you got a chance to go out and hear some new music. I started out my day on Thursday by visiting a panel discussion at the Belcourt Theatre on the success of the band The Civil Wars.  […]