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KSM9HS First Look from AES

At AES in San Francisco, we unveiled the KSM9’s younger sibling, the KSM9HS, which features switchable hypercardioid and subcardioid polar patterns. There’s a wired version, plus wireless versions available with the UR2 and ULXD2 transmitters. What’s so great about hypercardioid and subcardioid polar patterns, you ask? The hypercardioid works well on loud stages, isolating the […]

The Business Case for Investing in Audio

A video conferencing system with high-quality audio allows people to work effectively wherever they may be and to collaborate with employees, suppliers, clients and potential clients across the globe, allowing businesses to continue to grow.
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement
Wireless Systems

Digital Decoded – The Advantage of Digital Wireless According to RF Experts

We explore digital wireless tech by learning about what modern RF experts think of the trend towards more digital systems and the potential benefits. Over recent years, we’ve seen the RF landscape change dramatically. Our industry, in particular, was significantly affected, with PMSE users (Programme Making and Special Events) losing access to large portions of […]

The Mic Listening Lab Gets an Upgrade

Soren Pedersen outlines the recent updates to this handy online Shure mic comparison tool, gives a walk-through of how to use it, and explains how his team recorded all the samples in the most scientific conditions possible.