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Backstage With Paul: Anthrax & Public Enemy

Backstage With Paul: Anthrax & Public Enemy

I have been friends with the guys in Anthrax for their entire career. Back in the beginning, when their first album came out, I was regularly selling pictures to Playboy Magazine. I met up with the band backstage at the Aragon...

Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer in Louisville

October 12, 2010 Louisville, KY – Freedom Hall Yeeessssiir, it’s time for another ROAD TRIP!! Since these guys weren’t going to drive down to me and do a show in Nashville  (the NERVE!…..just kidding) , I...
Grammy Nominees

Grammy nominated Shure Artists 2014

This is such an awesome headline to be writing.  Each year, we take a look at the list, and it never fails to be impressive. Of course, we would like to congratulate ALL of the GRAMMY-nominated artists. I will be jumping on a...

Interviews then – Interviews now.

I was driving to the office this morning and something made me think about the first artist interview I did back when I was in college.  So please stay with me a bit as I lead you up to that interview. I attended Southern...

How did you get into Artist Relations?

Welcome to the first in a series of AR blogs where we will dig deeper into this Music Industry and sometimes ourselves.  Over the next few months, we are going to be covering a lot of interesting topics so please check in every...

Product Spotlight: Beta181

Placement Techniques for the Beta 181 Side-Address Condenser Microphone By: John Born, Rob Klegon and Chad Wiggins Beta microphones, first introduced in 1989, have earned a reputation among touring pros and recording engineers for...

On Tour With Shure Fall 2005 Issue

Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds headlines this issue, in which editor Cory Lorentz foregos the usual Letter from the Editor in favor of a simple remembrance of Michael Dalquist, Johnathan Glick, and Douglas Meis, three Shure...