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The Mic Listening Lab Gets an Upgrade

Soren Pedersen outlines the recent updates to this handy online Shure mic comparison tool, gives a walk-through of how to use it, and explains how his team recorded all the samples in the most scientific conditions possible.
An Overview of Digital Wireless Microphone Systems

Analogue vs Digital Wireless Microphones

In the audio world, few debates raise blood pressure levels more than the analogue vs digital question. Audio enthusiasts will argue the topic for hours, with the majority of conversations ending with a mixed conclusion of advantages and disadvantages on both sides. The world of wireless microphones is no exception, only in this instance we […]
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

The Advantage of Digital Wireless Systems

Users of wireless microphone and in-ear monitor systems have faced several disruptive challenges in recent years. From the Digital Dividend to the continuing development of 4G/ LTE networks, all have led to uncertainties. Most recently, OfCom added fuel to the fire by announcing their intentions to clear the 700MHz band as early as 2020. Needless […]
Designing a Portable Church Sound System
House of Worship

Designing a Portable Church Sound System

Tips from Todd Hartmann at The Austin Stone This is a church that understands the concept of community. Launched just 12 years ago by Chris Tomlin and Matt Carter in the living room of Tomlin’s bass player’s house, The Austin Stone Community Church presently numbers four campuses across the greater Austin area and over 7,000 […]
Allie Gets Her Gun: A Live Vocal Mic Shootout

How I Chose My First Live Vocal Mic

Two expert colleagues hooked me up with eight live vocal microphones, from value-priced to high-end, dynamics and condensers, so I could experience for myself the differences between them and figure out which one I preferred.

We Welcome "The Gifted" – Wale

Many words have been used to describe him. Poet, deep, witty, versatile, prolific, lyrical genius, underrated, unmatched, ambitious, multi-talented, driven, etc… But all those can easily be summed up by the title of his third studio album, “The Gifted”, which has topped the charts all summer and has received critical acclaim. Busting out of Washington, […]