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The Complete Record.

The record that you can start on Track 1 and listen all the way through. The album that is flawless from front to back. The complete record is what every artist strives.

A road trip with my son to see Shinedown & Skillet – PRICELESS!

How many times have you left town to go see a show a few hours away?  I’ve seen some pretty cool shows both out of town and out of state.  I remember going to see the first Monsters of Rock tour in 1988 with Metallica, Van Halen, Scorpions, Dokken and Kingdom Come at Alpine Valley […]

Interviews then – Interviews now.

I was driving to the office this morning and something made me think about the first artist interview I did back when I was in college.  So please stay with me a bit as I lead you up to that interview. I attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale as a student of their Music Business […]

Memorable moments in Artist Relations

After finishing my last post about how I got into Artist Relations, I thought about all of the wonderful moments I’ve been able to be a part of as a result of being in this job.   Other associates often remind me to look back at what I have done so far and believe me – […]