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Training Audio Volunteers at Bayside Church

Aaron Padilla, audio director at Bayside Church and tour manager for Lincoln Brewster, explains what it takes to train a small army of volunteers to pull off 11 services a week across multiple portable and fixed congregations for thousands of worshippers without missing a beat.
Designing a Portable Church Sound System

Designing a Portable Church Sound System

Tips from Todd Hartmann at The Austin Stone This is a church that understands the concept of community. Launched just 12 years ago by Chris Tomlin and Matt Carter in the living room of Tomlin’s bass player’s house, The Austin Stone Community Church presently numbers four campuses across the greater Austin area and over 7,000 […]

The Top Six Church Audio Questions for 2012

Contributor: Tim Vear One of the ways that we zero in on what you want from us is to check in with Senior Applications Engineer and Shure Answer Man Tim Vear. Not only is he a featured speaker at countless workshops and seminars, he wrote the book on Audio Systems for Houses of Worship which […]

Six Questions to Help You Choose a Personal Monitor System for Your Church

More powerful.  Less expensive.  And widely accepted.  Today, congregations large and small are benefiting from improved sound quality and lower stage volumes. The guitarist, in order to hear himself better, turns his amplifier up. The singers need more monitor level to compete with the rest of the praise band. The cycle of escalating stage volume […]

Personal Monitoring for Your Church

The following article is an excerpt from Shure Notes for Houses of Worship, Issue #47 (October 3, 2011). A History Whether you believe that Todd Rundgren, Stevie Wonder, or the Steve Miller Band was the first to pioneer the use of in-ear monitoring systems, one fact is indisputable: this represented a breakthrough in live sound. […]

Monitor Mixing at Lakeside Church

First Person with Dan Murphy The following article is an excerpt from Shure Notes for Houses of Worship, Issue #47 (October 3, 2011). Running live sound in a church setting can be a very challenging and a very rewarding experience. Every week, the sound crew is faced with a mix of professional, semi-professional, and amateur […]

Tale of Two Churches

How They Made the Transition How well we remember the days gone by when the airwaves were filled with news of a digital tsunami and the end, as we knew it, of analog television. For consumers, it meant the addition of a set-top box and a never-ending stream of public service and cable provider TV […]