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Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival :: Indio, CA :: Day Three

Coachella Day 3 After a hard night’s sleep I began my last day in the desert with Shure Endorsers Babasonicos from Argentina.  They charmed the crowd with their bravado and stage presence. After their set I hung out with them and had some lunch at the catering tent backstage. This was to be my first actual […]

Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival :: Indio, CA :: Day Two

Coachella Day 2 After my usual stop at Starbucks and another traffic filled morning, day two started with Shure Endorsers Zoe from Mexico. This is one of my favorite bands. Their psychedelic alt-rock and spacey lyrics are really appealing to me. I definitely think they are one of Mexico’s best at the moment and from the […]
From the Experts: Playing Summer Music Festivals

From the Experts: Playing Summer Music Festivals

It wouldn’t be summer without music festivals.  And music festivals wouldn’t be fixtures of summer without the groundwork laid almost sixty years ago at the Newport Jazz Festival. Real historians trace festival origins back to Greece in the sixth century B.C. when a line-up of dancers, singers and musicians competed against once another (more like […]
What makes a legendary performance?

What makes a Legendary Performance?

I was thinking about our tagline on the way home from the American Country Awards in Las Vegas.  This topic is wide open for interpretation and discussion, so I hope you join in. In my opinion, I had just witnessed a Legendary Performance when LeAnn Rimes sang a tribute to Patsy Cline, who had passed […]
Jason Glass

RF Coordinator Jason Glass speaks with Shure

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the biggest music festivals like CMA Music Fest, Bonnaroo, Stagecoach, and Coachella? I’ve been attending several festivals and award shows for the better part of my career at Shure. Coordinating these productions is a monumental effort requiring accurate communication and tons of advance work, […]

Pavement in the Park

So, I’m going to come clean and state for the record that I was vaguely familiar with the rock band Pavement when I received a care package from the band’s manager, Peter Arsenault last winter asking if Shure might be interested in supporting a reunion tour slated for 2010. Of course I’d heard the name […]

Zoé :: Congress Theater :: 4/9/10

Shure Endorsers Zoé stopped by Chicago last Friday to play a packed house at the historic Congress Theater while on a cross-country 12 city bus tour of the States. The Mexican alt-rockers rocked the packed house with lead singer León Larregui’s spacey vocals, Sergio Acosta’s guitar mastery, Jesus “Chucho” Baez’s haunting keyboards, Angel Mosqueda’s atomic bass […]

Passion Pit :: Congress Theater :: 4/2/2010

As I approached the back stage door of Chicago’s Congress Theater on a bright and sunny Friday afternoon, Passion Pit was well into their sound check as I could already hear the bending synths from their hit “The Reeling” escaping into the alley behind the venue. Once on stage, it was like watching a group of mad […]