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GLX-D Digital Wireless: How It Detects and Avoids Interference

Shure Whiteboard – Two Common Causes of RF Interference

When it comes to RF interference, there are two elements (or items if you like) that come up frequently as common culprits – metal and salt water. We’ve written plenty of detail about these major RF enemies before, and the following video should help to add context. In essence, large metal structures (fences, stage rigs, […]

Top 5 Most Common Wireless Mistakes

Wireless microphones are essential to the modern production values we’re all accustomed too. And while wireless systems have freed performers from the shackles of cables, they’ve also presented an entirely different set of challenges to the engineer. Still, it doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Most dropouts or interference issues are the result of […]

4 Commonly Asked Questions about Shure GLXD16

Last month, Shure highlighted new products at NAMM in California, including: GLXD16, SE846 earphones, and the SRH1540 headphones. All were well received, with particular praise to the GLXD16 and SE846, both of which picked up awards! Visit the Shure Inc blog for more on how NAMM progressed. The great thing about a show like NAMM is […]