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Dynamic vs Condenser Mics on Toms

For years, the most common method of micing tom-toms has been to use a dynamic microphone. Over time, however, the introduction of purpose-built, discreet condenser microphones have given engineers more tonal choice and some practical benefits. Consequently, dynamic and condenser tom-tom options now divide opinion among sound engineers. In reality, both have distinct advantages depending […]
MOTIV Live - Joel Havea

MOTIV Live: Smooth Sailing with Joel Havea

The singer-songwriter Joel Havea brings a bit of Australian sunshine to his adopted home Germany, so brighten up your day with the latest episode of the Shure audio series showcasing live recordings.

MOTIV Live: Yukno How to Do It

Sprechen Sie electro pop? Brush up on your German with a set from Austrian band Yukno on the Shure audio series showcasing live recordings made with MOTIV microphones.
Beleaf Vlogging with MV51

A Day in the Life of a Vlogger

Sometimes you don’t have to look too far for the story. Rapper and stay-at-home dad turned vlogger Glen Henry explains how he attracts a hundred thousand viewers with a crew of one, three kids under five and a couple of MOTIV microphones.