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Beleaf Vlogging with MV51

A Day in the Life of a Vlogger

Sometimes you don’t have to look too far for the story. Rapper and stay-at-home dad turned vlogger Glen Henry explains how he attracts a hundred thousand viewers with a crew of one, three kids under five and a couple of MOTIV microphones.

Tips for Avoiding Feedback in Meeting Room Audio Systems

Feedback is an annoying and potentially damaging squealing or humming sound that can be extremely distracting during a meeting. Every audio system has a maximum amount of gain or volume that can be applied before feedback is introduced. Stuart Stephens explains why feedback occurs and how it can be eliminated.

The Business Case for Investing in Audio

A video conferencing system with high-quality audio allows people to work effectively wherever they may be and to collaborate with employees, suppliers, clients and potential clients across the globe, allowing businesses to continue to grow.

ISE is proof that we can achieve truly integrated AV conferencing systems

There was a very warm and fuzzy feeling on the floor of ISE this year, as several manufacturers announced compatibly with third-party hardware and software. These announcements highlight the strong partnership programs that have been formed to establish integrated compatibility across video conferencing technology platforms. Companies like QSC and Biamp highlighted compatibility with Shure Microflex […]