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Recording Drums part 2 – EQ for Drums

In part 1 of our recording drums series, we looked at how to set up and mic your drums. For part 2, we’re moving to the mix. By this stage, we’re going to assume that you’ve followed the advice in part one to a point where you’re happy with the recorded result. We’re also going to assume […]
Introducing the New Wireless Frequency Finder

Introducing the New Wireless Frequency Finder

Over the past few months, the Shure team has developed a new Wireless Frequency Finder (WFF) tool. We updated our data sources to ensure the most accurate location and wireless frequency availability data. We also have reworked the design to support desktop and mobile uses. The new and improved finder will give you a better […]

A Request I Could Not Ignore…

Days before the madness that is Lollapalooza, a fellow colleague stopped in my office with a question…”Do we know anyone from the One Direction camp?” As you can imagine, we get asked this question a lot.
GLX-D - Scan And Frequency Changes
Wireless Systems

Getting Started with GLX-D Digital Wireless – Part 5: Scan and Frequency Changes

GLX-D® uses redundant audio transmission and seamless automatic switching between backup frequencies to ensure a consistent signal.  This video demonstrates how to change the frequency settings if you’re using multiple systems or experiencing interference. More GLX-D Digital Wireless Videos Part 1 – Basic Setup Part 2 – (Pedal) Basic Setup Part 3 – Adjust Gain Part […]

EQ I.Q.: A Quick Primer

In its simplest definition: Equalization involves selectively boosting or cutting bands of frequencies to improve the performance of a sound reinforcement system. Like many other audio technologies, EQ was born in telecommunications, where filters were used to restore and flatten all frequencies, so that response to all frequencies would be equal – hence the label […]
Axient Wireless Management Network

Frequency Coordination & Axient® Webinars

Shure Technical Training Manager Gino Sigismondi continues our new Learning Center webinar series with two August offerings: Frequency Coordination for Wireless Systems Learn (or brush up on) the basics of frequency coordination for wireless microphone systems, including practice scenarios utilizing the frequency compatibility function of Shure Wireless Workbench® software. This event has already occurred. You […]

Frequently Asked Questions

A Shure Educational Podcast In this episode, we explore the top frequently asked questions from the Shure Applications Group. Chris Lyons is joined by Tim Vear as they discuss how to clean a microphone grill and how to hook up a mic up to a computer.

Secrets of EQ

A Discussion with John Mills Let’s start with the most famous question that sound people are asked. “Do you really know what all those knobs do?” If you can answer that question, you may also know every frequency and its equivalent musical notes. Maybe you know the exact crossover point of every driver in your […]