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Crossing the Channel with Producer Shel Talmy

Andrew Anderson talks to producer Shel Talmy about recording The Kinks, The Who, The Damned and Bowie and how he really got the crunchy guitar sound on You Really Got Me… Everyone in pro audio has a favourite-sounding record. This is not to be confused with their favourite song – that’s something totally different. No, […]

A Culture of Innovation

Shure strives to be the most trusted audio brand worldwide. How we do that has evolved over the years, yet perhaps also come full circle. Four Shure executives share their perspective on innovation in this post.

Guitars On Stage and in the Studio: Quiet Is the New Loud

Guitarists have a reputation for major contribution to volume wars on-stage and in the studio. This reputation is perhaps personified in that famous – and often over-quoted – line from the movie Spinal Tap. We all know the line — “this one goes up to 11.” Brilliant… Seriously, though, how many times do you see […]

Recording and Mixing Electric Guitars

The electric guitar is the most successful and widely adopted instrument in modern popular music. In fact, a recent study shows that the electric guitar has now overtaken the violin as the most popular musical instrument for children to learn. Traditionalists might sneer at the changing musical demographic, but the fact remains, electric guitars are […]

Three Reasons Why Mic Placement Matters

In live sound, proper microphone placement has three desirable results: it offers optimal signal to noise ratio and gain before feedback and it captures the instrument’s “sweet spot”.

Making the Right Earphone Choice: What You Need to Know

When Apple began packaging earbuds with their iPods in 2001, music lovers abandoned their Walkman® and Discman® portable music players along with whatever headphones they were using at the time, and a new consumer market was born. Soon people wanted better sound from their portable players, and that meant something other than ubiquitous white earbuds. […]

Unusual Recording Techniques: Trash Mic

To kick start a new blog series featuring unconventional studio techniques, we recently put an SM57 in a bucket of water and placed it next to the kick drum. Are we mad I hear you ask? All can be revealed by reading the post ;–) . This time, we’re looking at yet another experimental technique […]

Mic Clinic for The Art Institutes – Nashville

November 22, 2010 Public Speaking…….(words that can send shivers down your spine).  So, what’s the best way to get over this….do it more!!  Heather Sturm at the Art Institutes in Nashville called and asked if I would put together a Live Sound/miking clinic for her 10 Audio students.  I said…yyyyes I can. But I wasn’t […]