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2014 Juno Awards

Juno Award Nominees Highlight – Artist of the Year

Hello, friends. The time has come. The Juno Awards will be celebrated this Sunday, and we are down to our last featured category: Artist of the Year. This prestigious prize is awarded to best individual musician in Canada for the year. Recent winners include: Leonard Cohen, Feist, Neil Young, K’naan, Sam Roberts, Michael Bublé and […]
Shuremobile at the Riviera Theater

My 5 Favorite Music Venues In Chicago

Being born and raised in the City of Broad Shoulders, there are many reasons to hold your head up and be proud – from it’s fiery history survived by a limestone tower on it’s magnificent mile, which serves as a symbol of the City’s endurance and grit, its imposing skyscrapers and resplendent downtown architecture that […]