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Building Bridges: IT and Audio

When Mix and other leading audio publications start devoting ink to digital audio networking for live sound and broadcasting applications, there’s more than a revolution in the making. The future has arrived.
Backstage With Paul: Anthrax & Public Enemy

Backstage With Paul: Anthrax & Public Enemy

I have been friends with the guys in Anthrax for their entire career. Back in the beginning, when their first album came out, I was regularly selling pictures to Playboy Magazine. I met up with the band backstage at the Aragon...
Backstage With Paul - All Access

Backstage With Paul: All Access

In 1976, I was breaking into the business, but I didn’t know how to get access to shows. One night, I went to the Ivanhoe Theater in Chicago to try to talk my way in. I figured a small place would be easier. I went to the...