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New Webinar: Centraverse Installed Sound Microphones

It seems fitting to kick off our free Shure Learning Center webinar offering for 2013 with an overview of a new product line. New Product Overview: Centraverse™ Installed Sound Microphones Webinar Our new Centraverse Microphones offer quality, affordable audio for installed sound applications. Join Shure Systems Support Manager Gino Sigismondi and learn how to choose […]

The Business Case for Investing in Audio

A video conferencing system with high-quality audio allows people to work effectively wherever they may be and to collaborate with employees, suppliers, clients and potential clients across the globe, allowing businesses to continue to grow.

ISE is proof that we can achieve truly integrated AV conferencing systems

There was a very warm and fuzzy feeling on the floor of ISE this year, as several manufacturers announced compatibly with third-party hardware and software. These announcements highlight the strong partnership programs that have been formed to establish integrated compatibility across video conferencing technology platforms. Companies like QSC and Biamp highlighted compatibility with Shure Microflex […]
Wireless Systems

RF Coordination at Rio 2016 with Steve Caldwell

RF engineer, Steve Caldwell walks us through the difficult challenge of coordinating RF at one of the world’s largest major events, the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Foreword There are few major global events bigger than the Olympic Games held every four years. More than 11,000 athletes took part this year across 306 events in 28 […]
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Life on The Road with Bastille’s FOH Engineer, Paul Cooper

If you’re one of those people who talk about ‘chance’ or ‘co-incidence’ then this is one for you. Fifteen years ago Paul Cooper went into a Music Studio to fix a printer…these days he can be found working FOH with one of the UK’s hottest new bands. In this interview Paul talks technology, travel, venues, […]

Interview with Steve Caldwell: RF Engineer at Norwest Group

Ahead of the upcoming summer Olympic Games in Rio, we caught up with Norwest Technical Manager and RF engineer, Steve Caldwell. Based in Sydney Australia, Steve played a fundamental role in the successful coordination of an ambitious wireless setup at London 2012. As the spectrum landscape continues to change, Steve talks to us about how […]
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Shure Whiteboard Session: Understanding Cables for RF

Welcome back and happy New Year! As we head into 2016, we’re back with another whiteboard session. This week’s topic will answer common questions about cable components for your RF setup. RF cables are an often overlooked aspect of wireless systems. You can have everything else set up perfectly: you’ve got the right kit; you’ve […]

Eliminating wireless microphone interference with antenna diversity

Tom Colman from Shure UK’s Systems Group explains how antenna diversity can eliminate interference in your wireless microphone system Interference is the most common problem associated with wireless microphone systems. Multipath interference, to be precise, is a phenomenon in the physics of radio waves whereby a wave from a source travels via two or more paths and, under the right […]
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Shure Whiteboard Sessions: What Spectrum is Right for You?

For radio microphones to work reliably, we need access to clean spectrum – this much is well known and documented. What’s less well known, is which bands of spectrum are best suited to each given application. Unfortunately, we can’t just use any portion of spectrum; and while in theory there’s a lot of spectrum available, the […]

What is Antenna Distribution and when should you use it?

Tom Colman from Shure UK’s Systems Group gives a concise description of Antenna Distribution and its practical use with wireless microphone systems. A question that comes up quite frequently is the subject of antenna distribution and what is it used for? In simple terms, it is a way of getting two discreet antenna feeds to […]