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MOTIV Live - Joel Havea

MOTIV Live: Smooth Sailing with Joel Havea

The singer-songwriter Joel Havea brings a bit of Australian sunshine to his adopted home Germany, so brighten up your day with the latest episode of the Shure audio series showcasing live recordings.

MOTIV Live: Yukno How to Do It

Sprechen Sie electro pop? Brush up on your German with a set from Austrian band Yukno on the Shure audio series showcasing live recordings made with MOTIV microphones.

Live Podcasting: Taking Talking to the Stage

Podcasters are increasingly trading the comfort of their homes for the thrill of the stage and performing in front of real audiences. Shure explores the phenomenon of live podcasting with Radio Spätkauf’s Joel Dullroy.

Performing Live: What to Bring to Your First Gig

Performing live for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, so don’t leave anything to chance. By following these helpful suggestions, you’ll be ready to take the stage with confidence – and prepared when things happen to go wrong.

Dualdyne Technology and the Unsung Heroes of Live Performance

At this year’s NAMM show, we launched our first all-new dynamic microphone for nearly 50 years — the KSM8 Dualdyne. Since the show, much speculation has emerged about the ‘dual’ in ‘Dualdyne,’ and what this term actually means. The confusion is not completely unfounded either; the concept of a microphone with two diaphragms isn’t actually […]
Sofar Sounds and Shure: Partners in Live Music

Sofar Sounds and Shure: Partners in Live Music

If you’re tired of straining to hear live music over clinking bottles and loud conversations, then you need to know about Sofar Sounds, an alternative live-music experience available around the globe. Shure is excited to be partnering with Sofar.
SM58 with wires

Will recording vocals with a dynamic mic sound better in a lively room?

Recording vocals in a room with less than ideal acoustics can be tricky. If any undesirable sounding room reflections make it back into your microphone, the finished result will sound amateur and unpolished. One solution is to hang duvets behind and to the sides of the vocalist, which will help to prevent unwanted reflections from […]

Live Sound & Life on the Road with Engineer Liam Halpin

Unlike studio recording – where you can re-do a take or change your mind about microphone selection – live sound gives you just one chance to get things right. The live environment also presents a plethora of other challenges, such as reducing the pickup of unwanted sounds, maximisation of gain before feedback, and the added […]