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Iron Maiden

Tennessee loves METAL…so do I!

This week in Tennesse was Metal week for me and Shure.  What better way to kick it all off than with a road trip to one of the places where Rock & Roll got it’s start…Memphis, TN. The “Carnival of Madness” tour is hosted by Shure Artists Shinedown.  Before the groups hit the Mud Island Amphitheater […]
SM58 with wires

Engineer Spotlight: Russ Tite

Working with the likes of The Kooks, Plan B, Marmozets and currently Catfish and The Bottlemen, Russ Tite is a music industry pro both in the studio and in front of the stage. He answers some questions for us below on technology, mixing and how he hates being cold. HOW DID YOU GET INTO ENGINEERING? […]
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Life on The Road with Bastille’s FOH Engineer, Paul Cooper

If you’re one of those people who talk about ‘chance’ or ‘co-incidence’ then this is one for you. Fifteen years ago Paul Cooper went into a Music Studio to fix a printer…these days he can be found working FOH with one of the UK’s hottest new bands. In this interview Paul talks technology, travel, venues, […]
Wireless Systems

Five Golden Rules for Wireless Audio Antenna Placement

The following post on wireless audio antenna placement is a guest contribution from Alex Milne of RF Venue, Inc — a US based manufacturer of innovative products that make wireless audio systems work and sound better. For more information, please see his bio at the end of this post. 1. Create and Maintain Line-of-Sight: In radio […]

Dorje discuss In-Ear Monitoring with Shure

If you take a look around our blog you’ll see plenty of articles relating to in-ear monitoring, including this great one As a reminder, in-ear monitoring was once something that only professional touring bands could afford, but nowadays you can purchase IEM systems for just a fraction of what you would have paid ten years ago. […]