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House of Worship

Automatic Microphone Mixers: When You Need Them

Typical Applications: Houses of Worship Teleconferencing Videoconferencing Panel Discussions Boardrooms Distance Learning Hotel Sound Courtrooms Microphone mixers, also known as voice-activated or sound-activated microphone mixers, have one fundamental function: to attenuate (or reduce in level) any microphone that is not being addressed, and conversely, to rapidly activate any microphone that is addressed by a talker. […]

Why Use Shure Automatic Mixers?

The Audio Problems Caused by Multiple Open Microphones High quality audio becomes progressively more difficult to achieve as the number of open microphones increases. All audio systems face the same problems whenever multiple open microphones are needed. These problems are: Build-up of background noise and reverberation Reduced gain before feedback Comb filtering All of the […]

Shure Whiteboard – Digital Wireless Latency Explained

Shure UK Project Engineer, Stuart Stephens explores digital wireless latency and what causes latency in a digital wireless system. Read the article below, or scroll down to watch the Whiteboard Video. Latency is the amount of time it takes for our signal to journey from input (microphone capsule) to audio output (analogue audio output on […]
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Life on The Road with Bastille’s FOH Engineer, Paul Cooper

If you’re one of those people who talk about ‘chance’ or ‘co-incidence’ then this is one for you. Fifteen years ago Paul Cooper went into a Music Studio to fix a printer…these days he can be found working FOH with one of the UK’s hottest new bands. In this interview Paul talks technology, travel, venues, […]
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Why the future of wireless is digital

Shure UK Pro Audio Group Manager, Tuomo Tolonen explains what’s driving the development of digital wireless systems and how they can benefit the modern RF engineer.  As the amount of spectrum available for use by wireless mic operators continues to shrink, most microphone manufacturers (including Shure) are drawn increasingly towards digital wireless technology as part […]