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Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Bryony October’s Five Tips for Mixing at Festivals

Recently at Shure Sound Hub, we caught up with FOH engineer, Bryony October who shared her experience of life on the road, including some unmissable advice for any new engineers getting started with live sound. Bryony also expressed her passion for mixing at festivals and the adrenaline rush that comes with unfamiliar venues and gear. […]

Recording and Mixing Electric Guitars

The electric guitar is the most successful and widely adopted instrument in modern popular music. In fact, a recent study shows that the electric guitar has now overtaken the violin as the most popular musical instrument for children to learn. Traditionalists might sneer at the changing musical demographic, but the fact remains, electric guitars are […]

Recording & Mixing Bass Guitar

Bass is the backbone of your music, and in many cases – particularly with more modern styles – the whole metaphorical house would collapse without it. Lou Reed once put the importance of bass across rather well. “I wouldn’t want to hear Beethoven without beautiful bass, the cellos, the tuba. It’s very important. Hip-hop has thunderous […]
Tips For Mixing in Multiple Locations

Tips For Mixing in Multiple Locations

Contributor: Cliff Goldmacher, Owner/Founder of Nashville Studio Live How to Stay Cool, Calm and Consistent As a producer and engineer for the past twenty years, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to travel to various cities and studios for my work.  Along with this privilege, however, comes a particular set of challenges, including: how […]
House of Worship

Monitor Mixing at Lakeside Church

First Person with Dan Murphy The following article is an excerpt from Shure Notes for Houses of Worship, Issue #47 (October 3, 2011). Running live sound in a church setting can be a very challenging and a very rewarding experience. Every week, the sound crew is faced with a mix of professional, semi-professional, and amateur […]

Crossing the Channel with Producer Shel Talmy

Andrew Anderson talks to producer Shel Talmy about recording The Kinks, The Who, The Damned and Bowie and how he really got the crunchy guitar sound on You Really Got Me… Everyone in pro audio has a favourite-sounding record. This is not to be confused with their favourite song – that’s something totally different. No, […]
Microphone on Stage

Engineer Spotlight: Olga Fitzroy

As an audio engineer, frequently turning your head to a wide variety of musical genres and productions comes with the territory. In the following Engineer Spotlight feature, we speak to recent MPG Engineer of the Year winner, Olga Fitzroy who we learn is no stranger to applying her skills across a broad spectrum. From assisting […]
SM58 with wires

Engineer Spotlight: Russ Tite

Working with the likes of The Kooks, Plan B, Marmozets and currently Catfish and The Bottlemen, Russ Tite is a music industry pro both in the studio and in front of the stage. He answers some questions for us below on technology, mixing and how he hates being cold. HOW DID YOU GET INTO ENGINEERING? […]
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement
Wireless Systems

Digital Decoded – The Advantage of Digital Wireless According to RF Experts

We explore digital wireless tech by learning about what modern RF experts think of the trend towards more digital systems and the potential benefits. Over recent years, we’ve seen the RF landscape change dramatically. Our industry, in particular, was significantly affected, with PMSE users (Programme Making and Special Events) losing access to large portions of […]