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Performing Live: What to Bring to Your First Gig

Performing live for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, so don’t leave anything to chance. By following these helpful suggestions, you’ll be ready to take the stage with confidence – and prepared when things happen to go wrong.
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Shure Whiteboard – Analogue vs Digital Wireless

In this month’s Shure Whiteboard Session, Shure Senior Applications Engineer, Tom Colman explains some of the basic differences between digital and analogue wireless systems. (Video at the bottom of this article).  For many years, analogue wireless systems ruled the airwaves, but in recent years we’ve seen increasing amounts of digital systems. On the surface, one might […]

From Rock & Roll to Rocky Horror with Theatre Sound Designer, Gareth Owen

Gareth Owen is an acclaimed British sound designer whose portfolio includes many of the world’s biggest musical theatre spectaculars, including ‘Disney’s Hunchback Of Notre Dame,’Sister Act’, ‘Hairspray’, and ‘Disney’s Little Mermaid’ to name just a few. Impressively, Gareth also received the prestigious Olivier Award two years running for his Sound Design contributions on ‘Memphis’ and […]

How to Record and Mix Vocals

The human voice is extremely complex. Man made instruments, such as the piano, flute or even the guitar, can be emulated through sampling and synthesis successfully. Vocals, however, vary so much in tone, character and dynamics that they are extremely difficult to reproduce synthetically – at least to a convincing level. Subsequently, although it is […]

Wired vs Wireless for Guitar, which sounds the best?

The subject of wired vs wireless for guitar is a much-debated topic. Opinions vary on how both setups can affect your tone, but the issue is really more about application and signal flow. In this post, we’ll cover the basics of good practice for each setup, and draw a conclusion for you to consider based […]
Designing a Portable Church Sound System
House of Worship

Designing a Portable Church Sound System

Tips from Todd Hartmann at The Austin Stone This is a church that understands the concept of community. Launched just 12 years ago by Chris Tomlin and Matt Carter in the living room of Tomlin’s bass player’s house, The Austin Stone Community Church presently numbers four campuses across the greater Austin area and over 7,000 […]
Allie Gets Her Gun: A Live Vocal Mic Shootout

How I Chose My First Live Vocal Mic

Two expert colleagues hooked me up with eight live vocal microphones, from value-priced to high-end, dynamics and condensers, so I could experience for myself the differences between them and figure out which one I preferred.

Dynamic vs Condenser Mics on Toms

For years, the most common method of micing tom-toms has been to use a dynamic microphone. Over time, however, the introduction of purpose-built, discreet condenser microphones have given engineers more tonal choice and some practical benefits. Consequently, dynamic and condenser tom-tom options now divide opinion among sound engineers. In reality, both have distinct advantages depending […]
2014 Juno Awards

Juno Award Nominees Highlight – Rock Album of the Year

Hello again, friends! In my post last week, I introduced you to the Juno Award Nominees for Pop Album of the Year. This week, we are going to take a look the nominees for Rock Album of the Year. Again, these are all great albums, and I can’t wait to see which one will be […]