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Podcasting 101

How to Get Started The following article is an excerpt from Shure Notes, Issue #16(March 2006). Podcasts. They’re getting a lot of attention these days. Is this the audio equivalent of blogs, where commentary can be shared over...

Mobile Recording with MOTIV

The best recording studio might be one that you can fit in your pocket. Here’s a look at everything you can do with digital recording solutions designed for your favorite mobile devices.
SM57 on Steroids: The Shure SM7 (B) Story

SM57 on Steroids: The Shure SM7(B) Story

By: Shure Notes Editors Contributors: John Born and Yuri Shulman Shure’s SM7 vocal mic for recording applications, introduced in 1973, isa mic (available today as SM7B) with an amazing history that’s generated a tremendous...
Michael Johns[1]

All About Open Back Headphones

For years, audio manufacturers have trumpeted the benefits of noise-cancelling headphones. TV commercials invariably depict stressed-out  corporate types struggling to find a piece of Paradise on a transcontinental flight, but...