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Podcasting 101

How to Get Started The following article is an excerpt from Shure Notes, Issue #16(March 2006). Podcasts. They’re getting a lot of attention these days. Is this the audio equivalent of blogs, where commentary can be shared over...
SM57 on Steroids: The Shure SM7 (B) Story

SM57 on Steroids: The Shure SM7(B) Story

By: Shure Notes Editors Contributors: John Born and Yuri Shulman Shure’s SM7 vocal mic for recording applications, introduced in 1973, isa mic (available today as SM7B) with an amazing history that’s generated a tremendous...
Michael Johns[1]

All About Open Back Headphones

For years, audio manufacturers have trumpeted the benefits of noise-cancelling headphones. TV commercials invariably depict stressed-out  corporate types struggling to find a piece of Paradise on a transcontinental flight, but...