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August Webinar – QLX-D Digital Wireless: An Overview

We’re always cooking up something new over here at Shure, and you could say our latest wireless offering, QLX-D™ Digital Wireless, is fresh out of the oven. Now shipping, this powerful little system has a lot of features similar to its big brother, ULX-D®. Join us on Monday, August 25, to learn all about what […]
First Look: The QLX-D Digital Wireless System

First Look: The QLX-D Digital Wireless System

Our newest digital wireless offering will make its US debut at InfoComm next week. Available later this summer, the QLX-D™ Digital Wireless System is the most spectrally efficient wireless system in its class. It is able to fit as many as 17 transmitters operating in a single 6 MHz TV channel. It provides crystal-clear digital […]

A Culture of Innovation

Shure strives to be the most trusted audio brand worldwide. How we do that has evolved over the years, yet perhaps also come full circle. Four Shure executives share their perspective on innovation in this post.

Digital Wireless FAQ: 12 of Your Questions Answered

Digital wireless systems are increasingly common in the world of professional and semi-professional audio. Their growth over the last few years is the result of many factors, from the continual pursuit of better quality sound to the increasingly pressing issue of RF spectrum clearance. Like other areas of the audio world, though, the debate as […]

AES 2014 Wrap-Up

A quick recap of our time at the Audio Engineering Society’s 137th International Convention, including new products unveiled and the awards scoop.