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What is Dualdyne? Understanding the Shure KSM8

The Shure KSM8 Dualdyne is the world’s first dual diaphragm dynamic handheld microphone – a ground-breaking feat of engineering that essentially reverses the flow of a dynamic mic. To explain what makes this so significant, we take a look at the Shure Unidyne.

Choosing a Saxophone Microphone for Recording and Live Sound

In this post, we’re going to turn the spotlight on an essential instrument in the horn section: the saxophone. To help us do it, we’ve turned to a trio of pros: ADAM HILL from Memphis’s legendary Ardent Studios (where everyone from Big Star to the Staples Singers and Isaac Hayes has recorded), FOH Engineer FRANK […]
Backstage With Paul: The Shot Seen Around The World

Backstage With Paul: The Shot Seen Around The World

Now, I’ll bet money that you’ve seen this image before. Even if you’re not a fan of Ozzy or metal music, you have seen this image before. It has appeared in many sizes on all types of collectible material. The cover art for the Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads Tribute album, posters, t-shirts, even those cheap […]

What Is Good Sound?

The following article is an excerpt from Shure Notes / Musician, Issue #48 (September 1, 2011). Ever think about what good sounds really means? You’re probably thinking good material, excellent musicianship, and the right equipment, but it’s really a little more scientific than that. Most problems in live performance are directly related to fidelity, intelligibility, […]