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Shure Tech Tip: What You Need to Know About Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Courtesy of Michael Pettersen, Shure’s Director of Applications Engineering Recently, I arrived early for a party.  The host was working in the kitchen 20 feet from where I stood.  “Have a seat and I will tell you what’s been going on,” she said.  I settled into a nearby comfy chair and we chatted.  The house […]

Top 5 Most Common Wireless Mistakes

Wireless microphones are essential to the modern production values we’re all accustomed too. And while wireless systems have freed performers from the shackles of cables, they’ve also presented an entirely different set of challenges to the engineer.

How to Mic a DSLR Video

Shure Contributors: Thomas Banks, Chris Lyons, Gino Sigismondi Consider this: On YouTube alone, over 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute of every day. More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the three major television networks combined have created in the past sixty years.  The 51-second shot-in-a-dorm-room “Harlem Shake” garnered 36 […]
Ensuring Your Word Is Heard
House of Worship

Ensuring the Word is Heard

Improving speech intelligibility in highly reverberant worship spaces By: Michael Pettersen As a vocalist in choral ensembles, I can attest that the natural (or, more accurately, architectural) reverberation found in many houses of worship helps acoustic music to sound fantastic. Traditional sanctuaries with high, soaring ceilings and lots of hard, reflective surfaces lend power to […]
Helical Antenna

Helical and 145 Other Audio Terms You May Need to Know

Helical? This could describe a bad day in the studio or a buzzing sound that just won’t go away.  Fact is, it’s a type of a directional antenna that might be the answer to getting better performance from your wireless systems.  In this post, Shure Notes Editors have searched the archives for terms that you’re […]
House of Worship

The Top Six Church Audio Questions for 2012

Contributor: Tim Vear One of the ways that we zero in on what you want from us is to check in with Senior Applications Engineer and Shure Answer Man Tim Vear. Not only is he a featured speaker at countless workshops and seminars, he wrote the book on Audio Systems for Houses of Worship which […]

Shotgun Mics and Video Production

  If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that audio quality can make or break any video project. No matter how creative and professional the visual aspects of a production may be, these qualities can be completely negated by lackluster audio. According to one videographer we know, “It’s easy to fool the eye, but it’s […]

What Is Good Sound?

The following article is an excerpt from Shure Notes / Musician, Issue #48 (September 1, 2011). Ever think about what good sounds really means? You’re probably thinking good material, excellent musicianship, and the right equipment, but it’s really a little more scientific than that. Most problems in live performance are directly related to fidelity, intelligibility, […]