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Slash and Ozzy in Nashville

February 16, 2011 Bridgestone Arena – Nashville, TN Two legends of the industry, touring together, made a stop in Nashville to show “Music City” what rock is all about.  Slash is an iconic musician whose guitar...

Slash & Company in Chicago

Sept 8, 2010 – Chicago It’s always a treat to go back “Home.”  I was born in Chicago and Shure HQ’s is there as well.  On this particular trip, I was lucky enough to be able to go out and see Slash...

Memorable moments in Artist Relations

After finishing my last post about how I got into Artist Relations, I thought about all of the wonderful moments I’ve been able to be a part of as a result of being in this job.   Other associates often remind me to look back...

On Tour With Shure Winter 2012 Issue

Rob Halford commands the cover spot in this issue, in which editor Cory Lorentz reminisces about his father teaching him to keep up with what’s cool in music. Times have changed since Columbia House packages came in the...