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Five Easy Pieces: Miking Drums with a Shure SM27

Editors’ Note: For many years, one of Shure’s corporate missions has been to further music education around the globe.  But our commitment extends far beyond contests such as Fantastic Scholastic (now in its ninth year), where college teams compete for a valuable mic locker.   It often starts with a much younger audience and here’s why: […]

Guitars On Stage and in the Studio: Quiet Is the New Loud

Guitarists have a reputation for major contribution to volume wars on-stage and in the studio. This reputation is perhaps personified in that famous – and often over-quoted – line from the movie Spinal Tap. We all know the line — “this one goes up to 11.” Brilliant… Seriously, though, how many times do you see […]

Choosing the Right Mic

This post explains what to look for in mics for different applications so you can outfit your band appropriately. Product suggestions from value-priced to feature-rich are included.

10 Recording Tips for Electric Guitar Players – Part 1

Recording your own music can seem daunting as there are many different ways to go about it and the technology can feel like a big learning curve. Fortunately, thanks to advances in home recording over the last decade or two, recording your music has never been easier. Perhaps even more significantly, professional results can be achieved at home or […]
Recorded With All Shure Mics

Recorded with all Shure Mics!

Don’t you just LOVE the sound of that headline? I love it when I hear it from an engineer or artist.  In this case, it was most recently from someone who is both! Cliff Goldmacher is and has been a great client of Shure for over 10 years now.  When I first met Cliff in Nashville, […]

Miking the Legendary Leslie Tone Cabinet

“I was walking down 79th Street in Chicago and heard a song that turned out to be Misty by Groove Holmes played on a Hammond B3. I’d never heard an organ sound like that before.  I only knew one blues riff that I could play on the piano, but when I played it on a […]

Miking Guitar Amps: Tips from Sound Pro John Mills

[Pointing to a Marshall amp] “This is a top that we use on stage … the numbers all go to 11 – right across the board.  Most blokes are playing at 10 … but, where can you go from there?  If we need that extra push over the cliff, we put it up to 11.  […]

Shure at Winter NAMM 2013

I have been to the NAMM show in Anaheim about 17 times now.   Part of me gets nervous because it is such a busy show.  A bigger part of me is excited to see and talk with a lot of the artists we work with.  I also look forward to meeting many new artists. This […]
Home Recording

Building a Project Studio for $1000 or Less, Part I

By Shure Notes Editors, Contributors: Shure’s Michael Johns and Chris Lyons Thank the humble tape recorder. And give some credit, too, to the 1960s when rock and roll ruled the AM airwaves and teenagers were learning to play guitar by listening to Beatles records over and over again. Professional recording studios were the domain of […]

Luke Bryan Storms Nashville!!

Country Music has so many great singers and entertainers.  Luke Bryan is a force to be reckoned with!  He is currently opening for Jason Aldean and really knows how to get a crowd going.  I went to see the show on Friday, February 24 in Nashville at the Bridgestone Arena and met with Luke’s FOH […]

PASIC: Drums, Mics, and more Drums!

November 10-12, 2011 Indianapolis, IN The Percussive Artist Society International Convention (PASIC) is one of those events I look forward to every year. Being a drummer myself, this event is close to my heart.  So are a lot of people that attend from many other great companies like Pearl, DW, Zildjian, Remo, Vic Firth, Vater, […]

Tedeschi Trucks Band in Chicago

August 25, 2011 Chicago Theatre I had not received a copy of the new record yet, nor had I heard a song off of it.  Sometimes, that is the best way to see a show – when you don’t know what is coming next. I am familiar with  Susan’s and Derek’s work separately so I […]

Slash Uses Shure KSM313 Ribbon Microphone

In the not too distant past Shure released two ribbon microphones in the form of the KSM313 and the KSM353. These are unique ribbon microphones in that they can be used in the studio AND on stage. Gone are the days of having to carry around your ribbon microphone in a silk pillowcase! The KSM313 […]


  Ah yes, driving into the city right at the start of a Cubs game is right at the top of a long list of things I’d rather not do ever, but today was the exception, new Shure endorsers Yeasayer were in town for a sold-out Metro show. I was notified ahead of time that I […]

Miking The Tennessee Mass Choir

Shure was invited to be a part of something special tonight.  Students from Fisk University, MTSU, and Tennessee State University make up the 40 piece ensemble that is the Tennessee Mass Choir. (http://www.tennesseemasschoir.com/)  Executive director C. Michael Brae came to the Shure office in Nashville to ask us to be the provider of mics to capture […]

Beyond the Basics: Drum Miking

Of Mics and Men There’s the conventional. Now what about the advanced? We talked to three drummers whose approaches to drum miking are as different as their musical odysseys. First, Rascal Flatts’ Jim Riley. Next, ex-Pat Metheny Group sideman and groundbreaking percussionist Paul Wertico. And finally, British touring band favorite Simon Phillips, currently living in […]