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Shure Tech Tip: A Weather Resistant Wireless Handheld Transmitter

Courtesy of Michael Pettersen, Shure’s Director of Applications Engineering The phone call began with, “I need a wireless transmitter that is water-proof.  The venue is a U.S. Navy firing range and the wireless mic is used in all types of weather.  What do you recommend?” We recommended the ULXP wireless system with a ULX2/SM58 transmitter; […]

Shure Tech Tip: VU and PPM Audio Meters – An Elementary Explanation

Meters which monitor audio levels are typically one of two varieties: VU (Volume Unit) or PPM (Peak Program Meters). Though both perform the same function, they accomplish the function in very different manners. A VU meter displays the average volume level of an audio signal. A PPM displays the peak volume level of an audio […]