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15 Years Strong, Tegan and Sara Sell Out The Vic

15 Years Strong, Tegan and Sara Sell Out The Vic

Tegan and Sara, where do you even begin with these two? The duo have been around for 15 years + and they can still play a sold out show in Chicago! There are few pop culture things that I feel like I’ve “grown up” with, but those things do include Harry Potter and Tegan and […]

Super 55 Deluxe Pitch Black: New Look for a Design Icon

There are iconic designs that define an entire product category: Ray-Ban Wayfarer shades, the classic Coke bottle, the Model 302 Western Electric telephone. And, of course, the Shure Model 55 microphone. Now we celebrate this icon with a special edition.
MVi Digital Audio Interface in Home Studio

Creating a Professional Mix in a Home Studio

The tracks are recorded, and you’re ready to mix in your home studio. To improve the quality of your final mix at home, use these professional studio mixing tips from Nashville audio engineer Brando Marius.
Beleaf Vlogging with MV51
Home Recording

A Day in the Life of a Vlogger

Sometimes you don’t have to look too far for the story. Rapper and stay-at-home dad turned vlogger Glen Henry explains how he attracts a hundred thousand viewers with a crew of one, three kids under five and a couple of MOTIV microphones.
Mobile Journalism

How TV News is Turning to Mobile Journalism

Once reliant on bulky satellite trucks and big TV crews to cover the news, traditional broadcasters are increasingly embracing mobile journalism. We spoke with the head of the innovation lab at NDR, a German public broadcasting organization.

Tips for Avoiding Feedback in Meeting Room Audio Systems

Feedback is an annoying and potentially damaging squealing or humming sound that can be extremely distracting during a meeting. Every audio system has a maximum amount of gain or volume that can be applied before feedback is introduced. Stuart Stephens explains why feedback occurs and how it can be eliminated.