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Replacing a Record Player Needle

Vinyl continues to grow in popularity. The resurgence in records means more people are buying new turntables or dusting off a vintage one found in the attic. Find out what you need to know about replacing a needle – or phono cartridge stylus – to keep the music sounding amazing.

Can I Play 78 Rpm Records with My Existing Stylus?

Vintage records from the early 1900’s are different to the familiar vinyl records used today. They are made from a brittle material which uses a shellac resin and typically play at a speed of around 78 RPM. While it may be tempting to play a little bit of history using the standard cartridge/stylus on your home turntable, […]

How did you get into Artist Relations?

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Chicago to immigrant parents from Mexico who love a good fiesta. Almost all my early memories are filled with those of family parties. Baptisms, birthdays, saint’s days, First Communions, Confirmations, Quinceñeras, weddings, barbecues at random forest preserves and at Lake Michigan after my dad’s baseball […]