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Wireless Systems

ULX-D Digital Wireless in the H50 Band: FAQs

Recently, we made ULX-D® available in the H50 band, so I sat down with Senior Manager of Shure Systems Support Gino Sigismondi to get a better understanding of the benefits of this new offering. Here’s what he had to say… Allison Wolcott Could you tell us a little bit about how the ULX-D line has […]

Shure Learning Center Webinar: ULX-D Digital

Wouldn’t it be great to get a virtual tour of ULX-D™ Digital Wireless from someone who really knows his stuff? Shure Technical Training Manager Gino Sigismondi will conduct two in-depth webinars covering the following features of ULX-D: Improved RF performance in today’s unpredictable spectrum Shure lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology AES 256-bit encryption Frequency diversity Networked […]

ULX-D Dual & Quad Receivers First Look from InfoComm

Can your wireless system fit 100 transmitters into just two TV channels (12 MHz)? Ours can. Meet the new ULX-D™ Digital Dual and Quad Receivers. As people continue to demand more and more wireless spectrum for their myriad devices, audio pros must find ways to maximize the number of wireless microphones that can operate reliably in […]

ULX-D Digital Wireless First Look from NAMM

The ULX-D™ Digital Wireless Systems is being showcased at Winter NAMM 2012. Chris Lyons introduces Shure ULX-D, a breakthrough digital wireless system that incorporates a collection of technological innovations into one easy-to-use professional wireless system. Transparent 24-bit digital audio quality RF performance Advanced setup features, such as intelligent scanning The rechargeability of the Lithium Ion […]

Shot By Shure: FRENSHIP

Shot By Shure showcases some of the artists we’re most excited about. Meet FRENSHIP. Two guys from LA that put out one of the most viral hits for 2016 “Capsize.” Now, hear about the song that changed their lives.
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Shure Whiteboard – Increased Spectral Efficiency with HD Mode

In this month’s Whiteboard Session, Shure Applications Engineer, Tom Colman explains how high-density mode allows us to take the spectral efficiency of digital wireless to a whole new level. Read the article below, or scroll down to watch the Whiteboard Video. As we’ve determined in previous sessions, digital wireless systems are typically more spectrally efficient than […]

A Culture of Innovation

Shure strives to be the most trusted audio brand worldwide. How we do that has evolved over the years, yet perhaps also come full circle. Four Shure executives share their perspective on innovation in this post.

Shure Whiteboard – Digital Wireless Latency Explained

Shure UK Project Engineer, Stuart Stephens explores digital wireless latency and what causes latency in a digital wireless system. Read the article below, or scroll down to watch the Whiteboard Video. Latency is the amount of time it takes for our signal to journey from input (microphone capsule) to audio output (analogue audio output on […]