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Getting Started in Video: Pre-flight Tips to Help Your Videos Soar

“When a film has only one or two, it is considered an imperfect film. But when there is a profusion of technical flaws, it is called style.”  That’s how film festival favorite Pedro Almodovar defended the mistakes so apparent in his first feature-length film Pepi Luci Bom.  The year was 1980 and it was the […]

Miking Videos and Podcasts

Interview with Mark Jensen. You’re an IT guy and a voice-over talent, in addition to being the force behind NewMediaGear.com and Studio1A Productions. Can you explain how these inter-relate? I am fascinated with technology. This drive rages stronger now than ever before. From on-air radio guy to Senior Global IT Engineer and finally media entrepreneur, being […]
Beleaf Vlogging with MV51
Home Recording

A Day in the Life of a Vlogger

Sometimes you don’t have to look too far for the story. Rapper and stay-at-home dad turned vlogger Glen Henry explains how he attracts a hundred thousand viewers with a crew of one, three kids under five and a couple of MOTIV microphones.