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What’s the difference between Shure’s KSE1500 & SE846 earphones?

The world’s first sound isolating electrostatic earphones are now upon us in the form of the KSE1500’s. But, depending on your requirements the KSE1500 may or may not be the right earphone for you. In this post we’ll highlight some differences between our current top of line earphones with balanced armature drivers (the SE846), and the […]

What’s the Difference Between Shure’s SM57 and Beta57?

You’d be hard-pressed to find a band that hasn’t used the celebrated SM57 at least somewhere in their career. To this day, the SM57 remains number one for guitar amps and snares – both live and in the studio. Less well known, the 57 is also heard on many classic vocal recordings – despite being […]

What’s the difference between the Shure SM57 & the SM7B?

Regular followers of this blog will be familiar with similar FAQ posts, including: describing the differences between the SM58 & SM57, and another post explaining the difference between the Beta58 and SM58. Today we demystify another one of those principle questions. But first, a little background on the SM7(B). Shure’s SM7 was introduced in 1976 and is available […]

What is the difference between Sound Isolating & Noise Cancelling Earphones/Headphones?

The difference between sound isolating and noise cancelling designs is understandably confusing. The terms sound quite similar don’t they? On face value, they appear to offer very similar results (less disruption of your listening experience and less infliction of your musical taste on those around you). Thankfully, it’s not as complicated as it sounds, and […]

A Spooky Shure Artists Halloween!

Happy Halloween! If you’ve been following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you may have seen some Shure Halloween Spirit this week… I can’t believe it’s already Halloween! It seems like the year flew by and we all know this time tomorrow, Santa Claus and Christmas decorations will be everywhere! Oh…the holiday season. Music can make […]

What’s the difference between Shure’s SE535 & SE846 Earphones?

If you’re in the market for high-end earphones – or just curious – the new SE846 can hardly be missed. Our new flagship earphone model rocks in at a pretty penny when compared with the SE535, which naturally raises questions over just how much “better” the new addition model sounds. The good news is, we have the […]

What’s the Difference Between the SM58 and the SM57

Having recently compared the classic SM58 with a Beta58, it seems logical to progress forward with further comparisons. This time, we’re tackling one of the most frequently asked questions put to our technical support team: What makes the SM57 different from the SM58? The answer to this question is actually relatively simple; so, scroll down and we shall tell […]

What’s the Difference Between the SM58 and the Beta58A

Our technical team here at Shure UK are regularly asked to describe the difference between our classic SM58 and its closely related cousin, the Beta58. Firstly, let’s be clear: this is not a question of better or worse – both microphones are characterised by outstanding sound and performance. However, each model has key fundamental strengths suitable for different applications. Here are some of […]